Winter Specials at Beyond Sushi blog archive

New Year, New Specials! It’s cold outside, so Chef Guy used earthy, in-season vegetables and many hours of roasting to achieve deep, nutty flavors in our new Beyond Sushi seasonal specials. This winter you can try these inspired creations that include appearances from beets, sunchoke, leeks, chia and cumin.

First, the dumpling: the filling is a combination of roasted sunchoke and roasted leeks. Once the dumplings have been steamed, they are placed on a bed of baby kale and topped with a charred scallion sauce and a tangy-sweet beet sauce. It finishes with our signature crunchy lemon panko, a drizzle of Korean chili oil, and a generous shake of crushed chia and cumin salt.

Just for the winter, we’ve created something new to warm you up: dumpling soup. The soup starts with a white miso broth and baby kale, then we add in a serving of seasonal dumplings, roasted leeks and beets, and pickled burdock root. Pickled burdock root, also known as gobo, lends a salty brightness to the mellow miso broth. Korean chili oil brings warmth and heat and our crushed chia and cumin salt lend additional texture and flavor.

Finally, our seasonal winter sushi roll is made with black rice, baby kale, roasted leeks and roasted beets. Once rolled, it is topped with a sunchoke and walnut puree, charred scallion and beet sauce, and crushed chia and cumin salt. The sunchoke and walnut are creamy, and nutty, where the scallion and beet sauces add sweetness and an acidic punch to balance the roll.

Enjoy these Beyond Sushi seasonal specials for a limited time beginning January 1st through the end of the season.