Updated Menu: New Wraps and Rolls blog archive

At Beyond Sushi, we’ve always been known for our unique plant-based sushi rolls and rice paper wraps. As we’ve updated and expanded our menu, we’ve kept some of the customer favorites – including the Spicy Mang, Sweet Tree, Pickle Me, and Mighty Mushroom rolls, and the Nutty Buddy and Spicy Shroom wraps. 

Sweet Tree

We’ve also added a few new rolls and wraps to entice taste buds and offer new surprises to diners. 

The Sunny Side roll is filled with black rice, braised fennel, sundried tomato and avocado, wrapped in black rice, and topped with butternut squash and almond pesto.

Sunny Side

The Chic Pea roll offers savory roasted eggplant, artichoke, crunchy English cucumber, and is topped with saffron chickpea puree, parsley, and tahini sauce. 

Chic Pea

We also updated the La Fiesta Roll and Green Machine a bit – the La Fiesta now has an added black bean puree with kaffir lime chips and tomato guajillo on top. The Green Machine now has charred edamame and almond pesto on top.

La Fiesta

We also offer two brand new wraps: the Curry Flower and the Sweet Bean.

The Curry Flower is packed with baby greens, green tea noodles, asparagus for crunch, savory roasted onions, butternut squash, and tahini sauce.

Curry Flower

The Sweet Bean wrap is filled with baby greens, green tea noodles, asparagus, cilantro, parsley, black beans, tangy seaweed salad, and roasted almonds for crunch, all with delicious ponzu sauce. 

Sweet Bean

Be sure to visit Beyond Sushi soon to have your old favorites and try something new!

New menu items currently available at 14th Street and Chelsea Market; available soon at Midtown West.