Summer Specials at Beyond Sushi blog archive
There’s no time like summertime, and Beyond Sushi is here to help you celebrate with some amazing summer-inspired specials. 
First, we have our seasonal roll debuting on July 1: black rice with charred cabbage, mango, roasted scallion, and mint, topped with hickory smoked green jackfruit braised in our signature BBQ sauce. On top, you’ll find chopped Moroccan olives and tomato guajillo sauce. When all the flavors meld together, you get an intriguingly savory yet fresh combination in each satisfying bite. 
We’re also featuring a seasonal dumpling. If you haven’t tried our dumplings yet (part of our new expanded menu), you simply must. They are plant-based and steamed to perfection, making them a healthful alternatives to fried dumplings. This month we will have a handmade dough pocket filled with hickory smoked green jack fruit braised in our signature BBQ sauce with onion, carrots, and celery topped with dehydrated Moroccan olives, lemon panko, and cilantro, complimented with our tomato guajillo sauce.
Also for July, we will be featuring a special Rice Paper Wrap. Filled with soba noodles, hickory smoked green jackfruit braised in signature BBQ sauce, black beans, charred cabbage, carrots, and mint, and topped with chopped Moroccan olives and tomato guajillo sauce. 
So come by Beyond Sushi and enjoy some healthful, delicious plant-based sushi, or grab some to-go for your next picnic. No matter the occasion, Beyond Sushi makes a perfect meal.