Fall Specials at Beyond Sushi blog archive

The end of summer is bittersweet, but with the sun setting earlier and the air getting cooler, we can reintroduce our taste buds to the flavors of fall. The Beyond Sushi seasonal specials this fall are inspired by Chef Guy’s summer travels. He visited Savannah and Charleston, where the bold, new-school food scene made an impression on him. Channeling this Southern creativity, he takes signature fall ingredients and combines them into our three new seasonal items. 

beyond sushi seasonal roll

Our seasonal sushi roll is made with black rice, baby arugula, coffee-roasted kabocha, and avocado. This roll is delicious and striking on the plate. Black rice pops with orange kabocha squash rolled beside bright green avocado and arugula. Citrus-infused carrots and black garlic powder add to the dramatic contrast. The roll is topped with burnt eggplant sauce and a yuzu coconut sauce. The eggplant has a deep charred flavor, while the yuzu and coconut cut through the richness of the roll.

beyond sushi seasonal salad

This season, we also offering something new: a warm farro salad. The dish has baby arugula, coffee-roasted kabocha, roasted almonds, and scallions. Kabocha, a sweet Japanese squash, is the star of the dish. A beautiful fan of orange supreme and black garlic powder top the salad. Bright yuzu coconut sauce brings the dish together with a distinct citrus flavor. This farro salad is both comforting and balanced; one of our favorite Beyond Sushi seasonal specials to date.

beyond sushi seasonal dumpling

Lastly, Chef Guy brings together these signature fall ingredients into a perfect dough package. The seasonal dumpling is hand-made by combining baby arugula, coffee-roasted kabocha and burnt eggplant into a savory filling. It finishes with crunchy lemon panko, micro arugula, and black garlic powder. Yuzu coconut sauce makes another appearance in this dish. The coconut… an ode to warmer days, because, well, we are never quite ready to say goodbye to summertime. Fall is here: enjoy the Beyond Sushi seasonal specials for a limited time beginning October 1st through the end of the season.

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